Cinephilia Bound . Cannes 2017: APPLICATION FORM

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Cinephilia Bound new.jpg

Cinephilia Bound . Cannes 2017: APPLICATION FORM


By clicking 'Apply' you will be directed to fill the application form and pay the non-refundable application fee. 


Cinephilia Productions is proud to announce the first edition of Cinephilia BOUND Initiative taking place during the 70th Cannes Film Festival 2017 in collaboration with Maison Des Scenaristes, the International Scriptwriters' Pavilion. 
Cinephilia Bound aims to facilitate the connection between international producers and screenwriters/filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa who are working on their first, second or third feature film project.  Cinephilia Bound offers the opportunity to filmmakers to attend one of the most prestigious and industry studded festivals to pitch their projects to some of the top producers and to facilitate a dialogue for possible international co-productions. 
During the 4 days at Cannes, selected filmmakers will pitch their projects, meet producers and festival programmers, attend masterclasses, networking events and parties with industry professionals as well as enjoy a full accreditation to attend all the festival screenings and, of course, an ongoing support from Cinephilia Productions. 

Cinephilia Productions is a space of inventive possibilities and novel ventures.
Cinephilia Productions is a progressive approach at independent cinema that centers on perpetual versatility. Cinephilia is an incubator and frequent contributor to the development of filmmakers from the Middle East and Africa through its various initiatives that occupy the space between ideation and production. Cinephilia is a platform designed to embody cinema as a genuine art form. Our approach to storytelling bridges literature and cinema by focusing on genres such as, auteur, biopic, science fiction, avant-garde poetry and literary adaptation.