Cinephilia is an incubator project and a film production company founded in New York City in 2010 by film director Darine Hotait
Cinephilia is dedicated to the development of filmmakers from the Middle East and Africa through its various initiatives that occupy the space between ideation and production. 

Cinephilia is a platform designed to embody cinema as a genuine art form. It is a space of inventive possibilities and novel ventures with a progressive approach at independent cinema that centers on perpetual versatility.

Our approach to storytelling bridges literature and cinema by focusing on genres such as: auteur, biopic, cerebral, science fiction, avant-garde poetry, literary adaptation.

Cinephilia Productions one of 5 influential creative start ups focusing on the Middle East and Africa.
With Cinephilia Productions, however, we learn that when there is a will, there is a structured path toward turning a filmmaker’s dream into a reality.
— Bazaar