Cinephilia Productions is now accepting applications for its 2nd edition of Cinephilia Bound Cannes program that will take place at the 71st Cannes Film Festival 2018 in partnership with Maison Des Scénaristes, the International Scriptwriters' Pavilion. 

Cinephilia Bound Cannes is a 3-day program that aims to facilitate the connection between international producers & screenwriters/filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa who are working on their first, second or third feature film project.  

Cinephilia Bound offers the opportunity to filmmakers to attend one of the most prestigious and industry studded festivals to pitch their projects to some of the top producers and to facilitate a dialogue for possible international co-productions. 

During the 3 days at Cinephilia Bound, selected filmmakers will pitch their projects, meet producers and festival programmers, attend masterclasses, networking events and parties with industry professionals as well as enjoy a full accreditation to attend all the festival screenings and, of course, an ongoing support from Cinephilia Productions. 




Maison des Scénaristes is a french non profit organization created in 2011 by authors for authors. The first ever Screenwriters' Pavilion opened at the 2012 film market at Cannes Film Festival. MDS is supported by the SACD and the WGA. Maison Des Scénaristes aims to promote authors, help them deliver their best stories from wherever they come from, select authors with gifts, help them deliver their best and find visibility, offers emulation, artistic and legal support, one-on-one meetings with producers at International Film Festivals like Cannes Film Festival and Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival. MDS welcomes authors in residence programs to help them to improve their scripts with script-consulting and script-doctoring with the best professionals, holding masterclasses with authors who have films in competition at festivals. Since 2012, Maison Des Scénaristes received about 1800 projects, selected 176 of them. So far, 55 authors have signed contracts after pitching at Maison des Scénaristes Authors-Producers meetings.
Learn more about Maison des Scénaristes:

Cinephilia Bound offers

  • Travel cost up to $300 (USD) (economy flight ticket)
  • A total allowance of $300 (USD) (can be used towards accommodation or daily stipend)
  • One-on-one pitching sessions at Maison Des Scénaristes Pavilion (see list of producers below) 
  • One-on-one Skype session with script consultant (or 2-page written feedback from professional script doctor)
  • One-on-one meetings with industry professionals through Cinephilia network (producers, festival programmers, funding organizations…and more) 
  • Full accreditation to Cannes Film Festival (official selection screenings, masterclasses, market & pavilions) 
  • Full access to Maison Des Scénaristes networking events and activities (villa industry party, boat networking parties, masterclasses with directors/screenwriters who have films in the official selection at the festival, happy hour networking events.)
  • Invitation letter to facilitate visa process
  • Continuous support from Cinephilia Productions. Selected filmmakers and their projects will be promoted through Cinephilia industry network.
  • As much as Cinephilia will do its best to get filmmakers to meet and network, filmmakers are encouraged to do their research and reach out to people they want to meet and discuss their project with. 

Cinephilia Bound does NOT offer

  • Accommodation (filmmakers can use the allowance budget towards accommodation)
  • Transportation cost from/to airport. Filmmaker can take a bus from airport to Cannes (€ 1.50 one way) or train (€ 5.50) 
  • Travel insurance and visa costs. Filmmakers are required to purchase a travel insurance that covers their entire trip. 


  • Selected filmmakers are expected to submit a 1-page letter highlighting their thoughts, observations, and progress made during Cinephilia Bound and/or a 1-2 minutes video stating the aforementioned. 
  • Filmmakers accept to be interviewed and filmed by Cinephilia Productions, talking about their projects.

Eligibility requirements

  • Career and emerging screenwriters and film directors are welcome to apply. (Screenwriters working on literary adaptations must provide rights clearance documents. Screenwriters working on a project without a director attached are highly encouraged to apply. Film directors can be screenwriters-directors or working on directing a screenplay written by another screenwriter. In this case, an agreement between the writer and the director should be presented.) Please note: Producers are not eligible to apply. 
  • Must be citizen of and residing in one of the eligible countries. Applicants residing outside the eligible countries must provide a proof of citizenship. 
  • Must be in development of their first, second or third narrative or documentary feature film project. (Experimental films are not eligible.) For documentary filmmakers, projects that have initiated principal photography can be considered. Please send us an email with your project status before applying to assess your eligibility.
  • Must have a proven track record of work such as previous short film(s), feature film or produced screenplays (writers who do not have a produced screenplay to their credit will be asked to submit a writing sample from other screenplays.)
  • Must be over 21 years old
  • Must have valid passport
  • Must have good command of English language
  • Collaborative groups (co-writers or co-directors) must present one application. If selected, Cinephilia Bound covers the cost for only 1 filmmaker. 

Filmmakers can apply more than one project. Each project requires a separate application form and a separate application fee. However, we encourage filmmakers to submit the project that they are most passionate about and the one that they think is the most developed. 

Eligible countries

Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates & Yemen. 


Step 1: 
Fill application form and settle application fee. 
Applicants will receive a confirmation email shortly after.

Have the following material ready before starting application:
. Synopsis (500 words)
. Biography and Filmography (list of previous films and awards if any)
. Filmmaker Statement (500 words)
. Link(s) to your past work

Step 2: After submitting application and receiving a confirmation email

Film a pitch video in English. Videos will be kept confidential and will only be accessible to producers attending the pitching sessions.
Option 1: Upload the video to private link (preferably Vimeo with a password and make sure download setting is on). 
Option 2: Attach the pitch video in an email (less than 20mb)

Send video pitch to: by/before the application deadline date. 

Requirements for pitch video:
. Do not make it a trailer
. Do not read your pitch on camera
. Maximum duration: 2'30" (2 minutes and 30 seconds)
. Acceptable formats include cell phone recordings (no need to be fancy looking rather focus on fancy pitching)
. No edits. No cuts. No special effects. No music. It's just simply you for two and a half consecutive minutes telling the story of your film as you would to a producer sitting across the table from you. You want to convince them that you know your thing, and you know it so well. 
. Make sure your voice is audible and clear (avoid crowded spaces to film this. Obviously, you shouldn't be in the street or a cafe!) 

Pitching videos that fail to meet the requirements will not be considered. 


Regular application fee: $45 (USD) / Regular Deadline: March 15, 2018
Late Application fee: $55 (USD) / Late Deadline: March 25, 2018

The application fee is non-refundable. This fee covers administrative expenses and costs for the review panel. We do not accept waiver requests. 


Finalists will be notified by email on April 8, 2018.

Finalists are requested to send the following material by April 10, 2018:
. Treatment of maximum 8 pages of the proposed project and/or a completed screenplay draft

Notifications to all applicants will be sent via email after the selection panel has made its final decision.
Final selection will be announced on April 15, 2018.

Selected filmmakers who require Schengen visa are advised to start their visa process immediately to avoid delays.

Application feedback

Cinephilia Productions does not provide a feedback to applicants. However, we understand how important it is for your creative process to receive objective criticism on your work that contributes to your progress. Applicants have the option to receive a 2-page feedback on their project from the review committee for an additional fee or to have a consultation Skype session with our consultants. Please email Cinephilia with your request. (Subject: 'Cinephilia Bound_Application feedback'). This request will only be taken into consideration within 1 month after selection announcement.


List of Producers who attend pitching sessions at Maison Des Scenaristes:

24 Mai production - 1.85 Films - 25 Films - Adage Production - Adastra Films - AE Films - Agm Production - ALI Prod - Alliance Productions - Aloha Production - Ambre Films - Amc2 Productions - AMG Pictures - Année Zéro Production - Antevita Films - Apaches Films - Art et Essai production - AS & M Productions - Artless Collective - Autumn Productions - Avalon Films - Bagan Films - Bango Prodcutions - Barry Company - Beyond Productions - Bien ou Bien Production - Bizibi - BKM OnLine - Blast Productions - Blue Monday Films - BOB Filmhouse Inc - Bobilux - Bogie Films - Bord Cadre Films - Brightlight Pictures - Bullit Films - Burgat Productions - Cams Productions - Carlito Films - CG Cinéma - Chasseurs Films - Cinema De Facto - Cinerabasse - Come and See - Contrepoint Production - Day For Night Productions - De Film en Aiguille - Demente Contenido SA - Diaphana - Digital Documentaries - Diva Girl Productions - Dobro Films - Dolce Vita films Dragway Films - Due Monete - Easy Tiger Films - Eaux Vives Productions - Ecce Films - Eléphant Cinéma - Elissa Films - Ellabel Production - Euro Films TV - Far Center Films - Far Films - Far Media Investment - Ferris et Brockman Production - Film Nouveau - Forge Prod - Fosero Prod - Gasp Films - Gaumont Production - Gengiskhan Production - Gerorge Wood Movie - Goonworks Films - Haiku Films - Haleysun Productions - Haut et Court - Haut Les Mains Prod - Hippocampe Productions Reseda Films - House on Films - Hybrid Films - Ibarra Films - Iconoclasts Films - Image 30 - Incognita - Insolence Productions - Iris Films Entertainment - Isola Mia Production - Iterlium - JewelLabs Pictures - K-Films Amerique - KG Productions - Koan Production - Kwassa Films - L'Heure Bleue Production - La Boite à Songes - La Cellule Prod - La Petite Reine - La Ruche Production - La Terre Tourne Production - Le Bout de Prod - Légende Films - Les Films D'Antoine - Les Films de Force Majeure - Les Films de l'après-midi - Les Films de l'Etranger - Les films de la Bosse - Les Films de La Capitaine - Les Films des 3 marches - Les Films du Clair de Lune - Les Films du Clan - Les Films du Cygne - Les Films du Réveillon - Les Films du Tambour - Les Films Family Business - Les Jules - Les Produits frais - Les Toiles du Cosmos - Les Valseurs Production - Life to Live Films - Louli Productions - Mad Films-Mi - Madeleine Films - Magnetic Films - Maintenant Films - Mandra Films - Media In Sync - Mediterranea Films - Melocoton Films - Mia Productions - Mica Films - Micalzo Films - Michael Productions Films - Mirror Films - Moli Films - Mood Films - Moon People Productions - Motivo Films - Narwhal Productions - Nofatego Productions - Novak Prod - Octopolis - Odgy Films - Outsider Films - Palaviré Productions - Palazzo Films - Paprika Films - Parmi Les lucioles Films - Petit Films - Pianosano Films - Pixel Palette INC - Play Prod Floreal Films - Plus de prod - Possibles Media Inc - Prod du but - Productions Paprika - Promenades Films - Purple Rose Films - Pyramide Production - Quartett Productions - Qui vive Prod - Rachmaninov Production - Renaissance Films - Respiro Productions - Charlie Bus Production - AW Studio - Rien Ne Va plus - RocckZeLine Production - Romance Production - Sanosi Productions - Séquoia Films - Sève Films - Silex Films - Silversalt Films - Simone Films - Six Pieds sur Terre Production - Skopia Films - Sombrero Films - Stanoz Films - Stewball Films - Strutt Films - SX Productions - TaboTabo Films - Takami Productions - Take Five - The Cup of Tea Production - The Film - The Steve Jaggi Company - To Be or not To Be films - Tokib Production - Trois Brigands Production - TS Productions - U Svom Filmu - UGC FILMS - Urban Films - Virginie Films - Wak Media - Zelila Films - Zorba Production